Food Sensitivity Test

Discover how your immune system reacts to food that may be behind your digestive discomfort. Easy sample collection from the privacy of your own home.
check orange IgG antibody reactivity to 108 different foods

Collection Method: Finger Prick Blood


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Find your food reactivities

Food sensitivity or food intolerance is not the same as having a food allergy. People with food sensitivities are either unable to effectively breakdown a specific component of food or their immune system may react with particular components in food. This test may be particularly beneficial to those who experience symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain and other digestive symptoms after consuming certain foods. Food groups identified in this test as reactive can be used to develop an elimination diet to rule out potential food suspects.

Who is this test for?

This test is targeted towards people who are:

  • Experiencing digestive issues
  • Looking to try an elimination diet
  • Showing signs of food sensitivities such as unexplained skin issues
  • Interested in understanding digestive health

Take this test today and gain a better understanding of your digestive health.

Why consider the Food Sensitivity Test?

Unexplained digestive issues

Skin issues

Trying out an elimination diet

Suspect possible food

What’s included in this test?

  IgG antibody reactivity to 108 foods

This test measures the presence of IgG antibodies in your blood. Based on IgG reactivity each of the foods tested will be classified into a group:
Group 1 – low reactivity;
Group 2 – moderate reactivity;
Group 3- high reactivity.

Foods found in the high reactivity group may be behind your digestive issues and would make ideal candidates to be tested in an elimination diet. This is not an allergy test. It will also not determine whether you are lactose intolerant or have celiac disease.

How It Works

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Collect your sample

Register and activate your test. Collect your sample first thing in the morning. Return your sample to our lab as soon as possible, using the prepaid envelope included in the kit.

Quality guarantee

Your sample will be tested as soon as it arrives in our lab. Your results will be available through our secure online platform.

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The results are only available through TherizonConnect, a free, secure patient portal that you can access on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. You can also share your results with your doctor, family, or friends.


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Who should consider this test?

This test is ideal for those who may experience digestive issues and are looking to start an elimination diet.

Are there medical professionals involved in the process?

All of our tests are developed with advice and input from medical professionals.

Will I receive any guidance with my results?

All result reports will include brief and easy to understand interpretations of each of the biomarkers tested. Background information is also available, but we recommend that you share your test results with your healthcare provider to obtain the most benefit from your test results.

How does the Food Sensitivity Test work?

Self-collect your sample following the detailed instructions included in the kit. Place your sample in the specimen bag provided and mail it back to the lab using the prepaid envelope inside the kit. Our lab uses verified and approved assay to accurately measure the IgG antibody reactivity to 108 foods this test. Your results are available through our online portal as soon as testing is complete.

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