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Who Are We?

Therizon is the exciting clinical arm of Genetrack Biolabs, one of the oldest DNA laboratories in North America. Founded in 1999 prior to the dawn of the genomics era, Genetrack has been trusted by experts to provide the most comprehensive and reliable genetic testing services for government, hospitals, and individuals for over 20 years. As a CAP/CLIA facility with ISO17025 certification for over a decade, Genetrack has the experience and infrastructure to bring precision medicine to the forefront of the healthcare system through Therizon.

Our Vision

By leveraging the latest and most advanced biomedical developments within the scientific community, Therizon is committed to making at-home health testing available to everyone. We are dedicated to developing state-of-the-art tests, performing extensive validations and implementing continuous improvements to provide the highest quality, comprehensive, and actionable information for disease diagnosis and prevention.

Making at-home health testing accessible & available to everyone

Bringing genetic testing to the fore-front of personalized medicine

Transforming lives through empowerment and knowledge

Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.

– Bill Gates

Our Laboratory Accreditations