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Trace your ancestry through your DNA.

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Discover your ancestry by testing your mtDNA and Y-DNA (males only).

Trace your maternal ancestry by testing your mtDNA.

Trace your paternal ancestry by testing your Y-DNA (males only).


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Ancestry FAQ

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about these tests. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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How is the DNA sample collected?

DNA is collected by rubbing a brush gently inside the mouth against the cheek for 15 seconds. The collection is safe and painless.

I am female, can I take a DNA Paternal Ancestry (Y-DNA) test?

No. Y-DNA tests are only available to males, as only males have Y-DNA. Females wishing to trace their paternal lineage must test the Y-DNA of a male relative along their direct paternal line, such as a brother, father, male cousin, uncle, etc.

What happens to my samples after they have been tested?

All testing is completely anonymized to ensure that your data is protected. Your samples are processed using alphanumeric codes to ensure confidentiality. Following testing, your samples are disposed of by our CAP accredited and CLIA approved laboratories.

What can I do with my ancestry results?

Using mtDNA sequencing and/or Y-DNA results, any two individuals can compare their profiles to see whether they descended from the same maternal line (for mtDNA) or paternal line (for Y-DNA). If the tests show that two individuals have different mtDNA and Y-DNA profiles, it would conclusively prove that they did not descend from the same maternal and paternal lineages. You can use your mtDNA and Y-DNA profiles to compare with other individuals in your tree to confirm a positive linkage, verify new linkages, or verify findings from your paper research. You can also use your mtDNA and Y-DNA markers to search our global database to find potential matches from around the world.

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