Nutrition, Weight Loss and Fitness DNA Test Combo

Includes nutrition, weight loss and fitness DNA testing – 3 tests for the price of 2!

Collection method: Buccal swab


Detailed Description

Start the journey to becoming a healthier you by tailoring your diet, exercise and weight loss regime to match your DNA

These DNA tests examine your DNA profile and provide useful insight to help ensure a healthy nutritional status, to help you lose weight, and to allow you to follow a personalized exercise program to achieve your personal sport and health goals.


Improve your nutrition based on your genetics
A balanced nutritional intake is essential for a healthy body and mind. But do the thousands of nutrition supplements on the market overwhelm you, or do you just want to ensure you have a balanced intake from dietary sources? Your genetic variation determines how well your body is able to absorb and utilize vitamins and minerals, as there is no “wonder supplement” or “perfect diet” that will work for everyone.

Variants identified in this test

  • BCO1 – affects activation of vitamin A
  • NBPF3 – increases clearance of vitamin B6 from the body
  • FUT2 – reduces absorption of vitamin B12 in the gut
  • SLC23A1 – decreases vitamin C absorption and distribution
  • CYP2R1 – reduces activation of vitamin D
  • GC – reduces efficiency of vitamin D transport and uptake
  • APOA5 – influences vitamin E levels
  • MTHFD1 – linked to folate-related disorders
  • MTHFR – affects activation of folate
  • TMPRSS6 – influences iron absorption from the diet
  • TF – influences iron transport
  • NOS3 – influences triglyceride levels when omega-3 is low


Start a personalized exercise plan based on your DNA to get the best results
Are you struggling to improve your fitness for next year’s football season? Or maybe you are just interested to know why you have great sprinting ability but your endurance ability is considerably lacking? It all comes down to genetics.

Studies show that athletes carry genetic variants that give them an advantage in their choice of athletics. An understanding of your genetics can help you identify the sports that you are better suited for. It also gives you a chance to personalize your exercise plan and health goals.

This test identifies genetic changes in these genes:

  • AGT – blood pressure regulation and growth hormone levels
  • IL6 – inflammation, bone and muscle growth
  • ACTN3 – the “sprinter gene”
  • ACE – blood pressure regulation and muscle efficiency
  • ADRB2 – turning off the fight or flight response
  • PPARA – slow-twitch versus fast-twitch muscle fibres
  • PPARD – fat burning for energy and improving “good” cholesterol
  • ACVR1B – muscle strength
  • VEGFA – blood vessel formation to improve oxygen supply
  • PPARGC1A – aerobic capacity improvements
  • MCT1 – ability to use lactate as an energy source
  • BDNF – exercise motivation
  • CRP – heart rate recovery
  • COL1A1 – risk of soft tissue injury
  • COL5A1 – risk of Achilles tendinopathy
  • COMT – pain tolerance and required morphine dose


Lose weight with the help of DNA
Do you struggle to maintain a healthy body weight? Are the latest diet fads just not working for you? It is time to consider your genes. Scientific research has identified multiple genetic variants that have a significant influence on an individual’s body weight and response to specific diets.

Multiple genetic variants can significantly influence a person’s body weight, and how they respond to specific diets and exercise plans.

This test identifies genetic changes in these genes:

  • MC4R – disrupts appetite suppression
  • NMB – associated with food disinhibition
  • FTO – influences energy intake, diet impact and satiety
  • SH2B1 – interrupts a satiety hormone signalling pathway
  • BDNF – influences exercise motivation
  • APOA2 – alters saturated fat metabolism
  • AMY1 – reduces the ability to digest starch
  • FABP2 – increases fatty acid uptake
  • ADIPOQ – disrupts normal glucose regulation
  • ADRB2 – affects weight loss in response to exercise
  • CLOCK – disrupts the normal circadian rhythm

How it works

Step 1: Order test kit online
Step 2: Collect DNA sample using a painless mouth swab, and mail to the lab in the provided return envelope
Step 3: Receive your results online

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