Skin Health DNA Test

Offer your skin the special attention it deserves, from choosing the best products to diets and habits that will preserve its allure. Uncover the secrets of personalized skin care with this DNA test.

  • Detects DNA changes that influence your skin health
  • Includes likelihood of common skin disorders and sensitivity to sun
  • Uncover the most effective ways to achieve flawless skin
  • Painless sample collection & confidential online results
Collection method: Buccal swab


Detailed Description

The appearance of your skin is an excellent indicator of your overall health. Nutritional deficiencies can cause pale, sallow skin. Specific irritants or foods can cause an inflammatory response. And too much sun exposure leads to increased wrinkles and age spots.

This test identifies genetic variants that influence your skin health and appearance. Although you cannot change your genes, there are various other approaches to help the appearance of your skin.

This test will help you understand your unique genetic variation, allowing you to choose the skin care products and treatment options that are best for your skin.

The Genetics

Everyone wants perfect skin, without any blemishes, cellulite or wrinkles. This DNA Skin Health test identifies genetic variants that influence your skin’s health and appearance. Your results will help you to customize your skin care routine based on your genes.

Cellulite – Skin dimpling due to an alteration of the skin & fat tissue

Stretch marks – Pale lines due to tearing of the dermis layer of skin

Varicose veins – Enlarged & twisted veins due to faulty leaflet valves & the pooling of blood

Ichthyosis vulgaris – dry skin condition characterized by thick dry scales

Psoriasis – Inflammatory skin condition characterized by itchy, scaly patches

Rosacea – Inflammatory skin condition characterized by dilated blood vessels on the face

Glycation – Chemical bonding of sugar leading to impaired protein function & skin aging

Oxidation – Process resulting in harmful free radicals that damage our skin

Wrinkles – Creases, folds & ridges that appear as people age

Freckles – Hyperpigmented spots that are clearly visible on fair skin

Age spots – Dark skin areas due to sun exposure & overproduction of melanin

Tanning – Darkening of skin in response to UV radiation


How it works

Step 1: Order test kit online
Step 2: Collect DNA sample using a painless mouth swab, and mail to the lab in the provided return envelope
Step 3: Receive your results online

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